How To Do Your Homework If You Are A Professional Procrastinator

Start With The Small Steps

Choose the right environment. This can make all the difference in the world. If you know you are prone to procrastinating, then you’ll want to make sure you don’t have any tempting distractions in your work environment. Avoid using your bed for doing writing assignment. Your area should be well-lit and give you the ability to focus. Your books, supplies and writing utensils you need should be in this location.

Divide your writing assignments into categories so you can easily see what priorities each one has. For example, sort them into low, medium and high priority. For now, ignore the assignments that are optional and given for extra credit because you just need to focus on the requirements right now. Later when you’ve had more practice getting over procrastination you can do some extra credit homework.

The theme of every good procrastinator is “never do today what can be put off until tomorrow.” Unfortunately, this kind of a philosophy doesn’t go very well with academic endeavors. Tests, exams, assignments, papers, essays, projects all have due dates. Missing those deadlines means getting a zero or losing significant amounts of marks. No students wants that to happen.

Plan And Schedule

  • Set up a routine.

    If working in shorter blocks of time works better for you, then pencil in some 1 hour time blocks that are dedicated to homework. If you would rather sit down and get it all done at once, then schedule in a longer time period but remember to take some necessary breaks such as standing up and stretching or walking around for a few minutes every 45 minutes to 1 hour of homework time.
  • Identify your unproductive habits and dump them.

    These are mostly your old procrastination habits, such as leaving large assignments until the night before, making up excuses why your assignments are late and so on. Instead of repeating these unproductive habits, adopt some new ones. Remember how awful it was last time you stayed up all night writing an essay. Now visualize how exhilarating it would be to write a little each day and hand it in on time without staying up late!
  • change one week

    If your procrastination habits have been a life-long bane to your academic existence, then start out slow. Choose one area to change this week and then add another one next week. For example, plan to spend all your homework time this week studying even if you don’t have any specific assignments. Next week keep up your homework routine and add some time for your next big project.
  • schedule adequate time for fun

    Schedule adequate time for fun activities, but have them be a reward for sticking to your new homework schedule. If you procrastinate, you lose the reward of the fun activities. Be strict with yourself. This is doable! Write down how you feel when you procrastinate versus when you stay organized and get homework done on time. Write down the dates and the details. Use this to motivate you to adopt good homework habits.

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