Listening To Music Is Helpful When Doing Homework

Music can evoke emotions, take a person to a place in time, or even motivate. Music tends to bring out passionate reactions in the listener like no other art form. The same exact song for one person can remind them of their favorite place, a vacation, or a warm summer day. Or alternately, a song can make a student angry, aggressive, or even bring them to tears. So much emotion, so quickly. Almost nothing else can do this in such a short time. But can it help or hinder while doing homework? The answer to this may vary from person to person. There are several factors may be involved.

Learning styles

Learning styles tend to be very personal from student to student. One student may require complete silence to have complete focus, while another may be more comfortable in a loud, noisy environment to foster more creative thought to bloom. For example, some students may require complete emersion in a subject to learn, so music may not be helpful. Other students learn just as effectively while seemingly not paying attention, but instead letting their brain process the information.

Type of Music

Different styles of music may be more conducive than others. For many, instrumental or classical music playing in the background may be beneficial in drowning out distracting sounds of a television or conversations being held. While for other students, placid, low tones may be maddening. Some students report that playing such "elevator" music is just plain irritating. While yet other students prefer loud blaring and jarring notes of heavy metal blasting. These students may find the complete obliteration of outside noise actually relaxing.

Nature of the Homework

Some homework may require every brain cell and ounce of concentration that the student can give, while others may not require quite so much effort. In some subjects, a student may struggle, so extra effort is required and that subject may not be such a great candidate for working with music playing. If a student is struggling with their physics formulas, perhaps this is not a great candidate for music to be playing in the background.

In order to determine if playing music while doing homework, is a good idea, some things to consider would be:

  • Allows the listener to ignore background noise
  • Aids in focus
  • Improves concentration

Clearly then, this is not a simple, uniform matter. The individual's needs should be evaluated and an informed decision needs to be made.

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