Discussing The Main Effects Of Homework In High School

Homework have always been a part and parcel of every pedagogy. Although it's good impact has been denied mostly but there always remained an unconscious acceptance of it as what followed after each lesson or classwork. School boards from time immemorial have struggled with the presence of homework, whether or not it should be acknowledged as one of the after school activities. Very recently this has developed as a hot topic for debates, several research and surveys are being conducted, social experiments too.

Esteemed institutions have raised awareness and conducted surveys on the pros and cons of homework all over the world. Here we will discuss the cardinal effects, both positive and negative:

Are you benefitted from homework?

It is difficult to blatantly deny the advantages, no matter how much you hate it. There is a whole gamut of benefits:

  • It ameliorates study skills, time management being one of them.

  • It helps students understand their lessons all over again.

  • It involves parents. Usually, parents keep busy with their own professional world but with their intervention, a better outcome could be anticipated.

  • It generally equips the students with the sense of discipline and responsibility. And for high school students, the exigency of responsibilities should be well understood.

  • Are there negative aspects of homework?

  • Stress, under which the students become a victim, is probably the most obvious negative aspect of having work at home. Students sometimes consider it as counter-productive; there are definitely certain potential threats:

  • It may pose a threat to the time allotted for some other necessary activities. It can curb down the time a student spends in extra-curriculum. A high school student may think of skipping her karate or swimming classes under the supremacy of homework.

  • An overdose of such maneuvers might just instigate the student into hating the particular subject or learning, as a whole.

  • A lot can create antagonism between students and their parents. The parents would be obliged to pressurize, exasperating the students in turn.

  • Homework may also cause inequality among students who usually complete their work and those who fail to do so.

  • Excessive amount of work may force a student to simply copy from the book thus encourage cheating.

  • Time spent on assignments and academic achievement could be collinear but only when the equilibrium is maintained. A high school student must have a holistic learning with the correct amount of work. Both the absence and superfluity of it must be avoided.

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