How To Get Chemistry Homework Help For Free: Tips For Lazy Students

There aren’t too many people in high school who like chemistry homework. Assignments are usually long, very complicated and usually don’t come in handy right around test time. Most students look towards the end of the year when the final test also marks the last time they will have to learn the subject. For the lazy student it can be especially difficult to navigate through take home assignments. Here are some ways to get free help without having to put in much effort:

  • Go to an Online Chemistry Help Site
  • There are dozens for chemistry homework help sites where one could get answers, cheat sheets, study guides and just about anything else one could quite pick up in class. Since educators know that most students will only take the requirement and not pursue the subject any longer than they have to, they will present various shortcuts for students to download in order to assist them with a given assignment.

  • Visit an Academic Assistance Center
  • If a student could muster up enough motivation to leave their house, then visiting an academic assistance center is another great option. You’ll find these on high school or college campuses, and much like their online counter parts will have several resources to aid you with your take home assignments. You’ll still have to do a little reading but at least you won’t need to listen or take notes in class.

  • Exchange Notes with Other Students
  • If you and a bunch of your friends are equally lazy and can organize to pull your resources together you can usually get by with only a day’s worth of note-taking each. Get four friends and assign a day of note-taking to each person. Pull your notes together for each assignment and cut your time in half simply by working as a group. Be sure not to get caught getting the same wrong answers, however, as this could raise some red flags.

  • Purchase a Teacher’s Textbook
  • By now you probably know that some of the answers are printed in the back of your text book. But these are only partial answers and unfortunately only to a few select problems. A lazy, but savvy, student will know that a teacher’s textbook will have a lot more notes meant for an instructor’s eyes only. Search for a used copy online and hope to find some additional hand-written notes to get you past those pesky homework problems.

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