The Key To Dealing With French Homework Successfully

Some people enjoy learning foreign languages, and French in particular, while other do not. However, you do not need to be in love with French to deal with your homework on this subject effectively. Just use the tips below to make your homework less work.

  • Make most of your class time.
  • Do not miss your French classes without a serious reason. In the class, your teacher explains new words, phrases, and grammar concepts. Simply being there and listening to French speech can help you get used to this language and better understand it. The more classes you miss, the more confusing and overwhelming your French homework will seem.

  • Keep a French vocabulary.
  • Record every new French word you hear into a special vocabulary. Divide each page into three columns: the first for the word’s spelling, the second for its transcript, and the third for its English translation. When you meet this word again in your homework, you can always look it up in your vocabulary. Furthermore, writing words and phrases by hand will help your memorize them, so you might not even have to look them up later.

  • Use flash cards.
  • Flash cards are another effective method of learning French. You can use them together with your French vocabulary, or instead of it. Write each new French word on a separate card, and its English translation on the opposite side. Arrange your cards by thematic sections (animals, food, school life, etc.). This way you will be able to find the word you need easily.

  • Practice French outside the classroom.
  • Practice makes perfect – this saying is especially true for foreign language learning. The more you speak and write in French, the easier you will do your homework. Find your French-speaking peers on social networks, and offer friendship to them. State plainly that you need someone to practice your French with. Suggest to help them practice their English in return. By chatting with your new friends, you will hone your French skills. Besides, you can ask them for occasional help with your French homework. A native French speaker may explain your assignment to you when you fail to understand it, or proofread your paper. Just do not abuse – remember that true friendship should benefit both sides.

  • Create a French language immersion.
  • In your spare time, listen to French music. When you feel that you can understand at least part of their lyrics, try watching news and movies in French. The new words you learn this way can come in handy when you get to your homework.

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