Statistics Homework Ideas: How To Simplify Your Studying Process

Students often have trouble learning statistics and struggle to complete homework assignments because they never fully grasp the specific study habits that are conducive to academic success in the subject. If you find that you are having some trouble completing homework assignments then you should try some of the following suggestions to help simplify your studying process:

  • Read carefully and deliberately:
  • The way you read statistics is much different than the way you would read other subjects, in that you need to read slowly before moving forward. You may find yourself rereading content over and over again, but this is extremely important because you will likely be unable to understand later concepts until you completely understand earlier ones.

  • Write down notes:
  • Always carry a pencil and paper ready when you are in class and are reviewing your textbook. Write down your questions and thoughts as they come up; then try to answer those questions before going on. Even if solutions appear in the textbook, practice figuring out the answers on your own beforehand.

  • Work alone and be independent:
  • Study groups are often a good idea but in the case with statistics you might fare better if you learn the fundamentals on your own. If you continuously seek help from either your classmates or professors you won’t get the maximum benefit from all of your hard work. After you get the foundations down then you can begin to work with others, so as long as they don’t intrude in you learning complex ideas.

  • Pay close attention in class:
  • This should go without saying, but the more attention you pay in class the more you will understand many of the fundamental principles, finer points, and modes of thought that are needed for success in statistics. You need to pay close attention to your instructor’s notes as well as the practice activities to truly understand what is going on.

  • Take time to reflect on the meaning:
  • In order to properly learn and excel in statistics you need to commit some time to reflect on the material that you have learned. It takes a while for some of the more complex ideas to truly soak in. Consider what the information you take in means in the micro and macro sense, and how changing data would affect each outcome.

  • Be neat and accurate:
  • It’s important to keep your organized. Doing so regularly will make the practice of being neat and accuracy a habit. Keep a separate notebook just for statistics and take it a step further by organizing it into sections such as notes, definitions, sample problems, etc.

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