Where To Find A Sample Of A Weekly Homework Sheet

A weekly homework sheet is an effective tool that can help you remember what assignments you have coming up and for homework. It will help you to remember to study for the test on Friday or what is due for tomorrow. Some students use an assignment notebook to keep track of their assignments from day to day. The idea of having a weekly homework sheet works a little better because it can fit in your folder or binder. You can discard it at the end of the week when all of the assignments are done. It can also be printed out and copied so that you don’t have to spend money on an assignment notebook.

This is a great tool for parents as well. They can look at the sheet and make sure that you are doing all of your homework. Homework is such a big part of your grade so you want to make sure that you get it done. There are a few places to find a weekly homework sheet.

  1. Teacher
  2. The first place to look is to ask your teacher. Some teachers have a sheet that they can give you that lists all of your assignments for the week. They may also have a generic one that you can use.

  3. Online
  4. There is a large selection of weekly homework sheet images on your computer that you can use. Find one that pertains to your situation and print it up. You can make a few copies for other weeks. When you get down to your last two copies, start making some more copies.

  5. Word Processor
  6. You can get a template from your word processor that you can use. You can add in the specific subjects that you take in order and totally customize it. Check out the various templates that you can use. There are many to choose from. You could also create one yourself on your word processor. It should look something like this:

Name: Month: Year:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

This is a great example that you can copy and paste into your word processor and customize or print out and use. It keeps track of all of the important assignments so that you don’t forget to do something or forget to study for a big test. Good luck and I hope this helps your studies.

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